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Our Process

Being a person that does most of her processing out loud has its challenges. It literally is “speaking your mind.” But I wonder if it’s always profitable to the hearer. Is it positive that everything we think finds its way out of our mouths? Especially if our thoughts and feeling have not first been surrendered toContinue reading “Our Process”

He will Show Us the Way!

There’s nothing better than to be led by revelation and called into grace. We all need to know and experience the revelation that comes directly from the Lord. To know His revealed will, His revealed way, and His revealed Word. Paul seemed to have it in spades. You can see that, as you read through the bookContinue reading “He will Show Us the Way!”

Did You Know?

Did you know… Did I know what? That sometimes we need to be reminded of some things? Things that can help us counter what we feel, think, or see that’s not always accurate. And to remind ourselves what is. Did you know… that God has a specific ordained plan and purpose for your life? Godillustrates this with His chosenContinue reading “Did You Know?”


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