Can We Talk About “Talking Donkeys”?

When God determines to bless you…nothing can get in His way. Can we talk about “talking donkeys” today? How they are used in our lives to re-direct us when we’re going in the wrong direction. That’s exactly what happened with Balaam. Dabbling with the request to curse the children of Israel, he hops on his donkey, heading in that direction…But God wasn’t going to let that happen. In Numbers 22 it says, “there was an angel of the Lord that stood in the way to oppose him.” But Balaam couldn’t see it. But his donkey did. And as the donkey responds, he suffers the consequences from his master. And that is when any good donkey worth his weight in gold would speak up. And he does.  

My donkey came in the form of an old man. You would often see him sitting in A.A. meetings. The reminder of how alcohol can ravage the brain. He was old, unkempt, with crooked yellow teeth. His mannerisms and voice reminded you of a child that was just learning to speak. His name was Charley. Even though he had years of sobriety, some would still call him a derelict, but I would call him a friend. One night I saw Charley walking and thought, “I’ll ask him to come to spend the night”, and off we went in my V.W. bug. Now I know that seems foolish, but that was how life was back then. I was only 20, had my own place, and didn’t like staying alone, esp. at night. I remember going to bed that night and hearing Charlie’s labored breathing in the living room. Feeling scared and wondering, “what have I gotten myself into.” I’ll never forget the next morning. There he stood leaning against the kitchen sink like he was waiting for me to talk…and talk I did. You see, I was walking in the wrong direction and paying a high price for it. And then something happened that changed my whole life. Charley said, “Dori, I think you’re living wrong.” That day I packed my bags and never looked back. That day God spoke to me, through the voice of someone who could hardly articulate a word. That day God used Charley. 

I wonder who God might want to use to speak into your life. If we’re not careful we can disqualify the vehicle used to deliver and miss out.  Sometimes the voice doesn’t come all wrapped in a pretty box with a bow. If he can use a donkey, he can use anybody or anything at any time…it might be through a movie, in a book, or while reading THE BOOK. Or maybe through a child, friend, are even our own kids, the list goes on. The main thing is that we listen, and we respond.  

Why did God speak through a donkey in the first place? Because He was determined to see His children blessed. And Balaam got it when he declares,  

God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good? Behold I have received a command to bless; He has blessed, and I cannot reverse it. Numbers 23:19,20 

My prayer today is that as we walk in love and pursue unity with each other, we will see the blessing of God poured out. And in seeing, we will know that what God blesses no one can reverse.  


Pastor Dori  

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