What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

Walking in a relationship with God isn’t always definable. We can read, talk, and work for God and still feel empty. That’s because nothing can take the place of having a true encounter with Him. To experience God speaking and showing up in tangible ways. Our Christianity is not established through other’s convictions…it can only be developed as draw close to Him.  

If I asked you right now, “what is the Holy Spirit saying to you?” What would you say? Would you have an idea of where He’s leading, what He is needing, or how He is moving? Today if I asked you, “where are you going?” What would you say? 

Does your life have a purpose? 

As I was reading the book of Esther, I became aware of the importance of being called and how we respond. No two ladies could be more different than Queen Vashti and Esther. Esther 1:12 says, that it was at the king’s command that the queen should appear before the court, “but the queen refused to come”. Which made the king very angry. The king wanted to present his bride. He thought she was ready…but she was not. And because of that, her position was given to another. Someone who knew how to honor and respect the king. Who would come when she was called. Esther was called to love her king, but she was also called to love her people. Have you ever found that loving is not always easy? That true love sometimes has heartache, confusion, and challenge. We can be caught in the middle of something so big, so overwhelming that we’re not sure how to get out. Sometimes there are forces so beyond our control, that we can feel helpless to make a difference. I’m sure that’s how Esther felt. Her people were in danger of being annihilated. But it didn’t happen…Instead, God intervened, giving Esther a moment in history to make a difference. But she had to choose it. And she does–being motivated by conviction, she boldly goes before her king. Risking her own life, she presents her request. And in her obedience…she saves her people.   

Dramatic and impactful encounters are not just born out of opportunity, but how we respond to what we hear and what we know. Maybe God’s been trying to get your attention for some time and He’s just waiting for you to act. If not now…when? Divine interventions happen when we listen to what the Lord is saying, and simply do it. Sometimes the Lord is speaking, and instead of obeying, we question and overanalyze what we hear, because what we heard will take us out of our comfort zone. That’s when something so simple, ends up being so hard.  

There was a time that when I worked as a crossing guard. For some reason I had to go to a large meeting that was full of county workers, I especially remember all the police officers. As they got up and spoke, I was shocked at their crudeness and lack of respect. All of a sudden, I felt like the Holy Spirit say, “get up and tell them about Me” Really it was a call to repentance…To say the least, I was a mess. My stomach was in knots, and my heart was beating out of my chest. You want me to do what? I was just a young adult, who spent her day helping children cross the street. But God was speaking to me. He was telling me what to say…So I did it. Just writing that story down, I felt nervous, but then again could it be “for such a time as this”. 


Pastor Dori 

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