Walking In the Light

How could I drop to such intimacy in a matter of moments with a cornea specialist, but then again how could I not? He was talking about my eyes. One of the tests the team did, was to measure my tears. Right away the scripture came to mind, “You have recorded all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book”. My question to Dr. Lei was both real and personal. Have I cried too much in my life, that I’ve used up all my tears? How do you explain to a Dr. how dear the Lord has been? That His love has a way of melting a hard heart… and that our heart has tears? I tried, the funny thing is even trying to explain it, I started to cry.   

I have never thought so much about my eyes as recently. Sight is something we can so easily take for granted. Mat. 6:22 says, ‘the eye is the lamp of the body” or you could say our “eyes are the windows to our soul.” And now I hear my eyes have an unusual film over them. Like dirty windows that can’t be cleaned. What do you do with that kind of news? Have you ever played blind? Have you ever closed your eyes and tried to make your way around in the dark? Or reached out to another to lead you. One thing about being in the dark and trying to walk, it’s easy to bump into things.  

When Jesus was present throughout the gospels, so was deliverance and healing. Everywhere He went, He met the needs of the people.  

 John 9 is a perfect example. When I read the story, I wish I could take it out and make it the bold headline in today’s news…Man born blind receives Sight. What is it about this miracle that is so powerful? It’s the one story that has nothing to do with the man or his parents. But has everything to do with “the glory of God”. It’s our story… each one of us. We have all been born blind, and then through a divine encounter with Jesus, we begin to see. That’s why amazing grace is so sweet. It’s the declaration and the appreciation of being able to say, “I once was blind but now I see”. 

Now that I can see, I want everyone to see. But not everybody does. Simply put, “the god of this world continues to blind people from the truth”. And today we see people all around us who are living in and dying in darkness. 

Jesus tells us, “He is the light of the world”. And as people who believe in the Light, we need to walk in that Light. To have our lamps lit, and our torches aflame that we can lead others out of the darkness. There’s something so rewarding when people who have walked in great darkness see the light! That no matter how dark it gets… people’s lives can be transformed. That’s just what He does, the God of the universe…the God who created you and me, the One who can walk into our darkness and take us out! Making us children of light, and as we walk in the light we will not stumble.  

My daughter-in-law, Jen is so good with our little grandson, Owen. When he goes down for his naps, she has a very consistent routine. Part of that is singing the song… “This little light of mine”. There is something about singing that song, that makes me want to take my little light, wave it in the air, and let it shine. The whole song is a message really. Hide it under a bushel. NO! I’m gonna let it shine. Won’t let Satan blow it out. I’m gonna let it shine…  Let it shine, shine, shine. Let it shine! 😉 

Pastor Dori 

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