Blessed…Broken & Multiplied

I think if we asked anyone if they want to be blessed, they would say, Absolutely! What if we included being broken? Maybe not so much…But so often brokenness precedes fruitfulness.  

Recently, I’ve been reading and meditating on a slice of scripture that I thought was basic and straightforward, only to have it unfold in a new way. 

It’s the story in John 6 where the 5,000 people are being fed by 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. When I read that story, I didn’t see the people…and I didn’t see the provision. I saw the principle that produced the miracle…Jesus took what was given and gave thanks…and as they broke it into pieces it not only fed the multitude but filled 12 baskets. The offering was blessed, it was broken, and it was multiplied. Jesus even had something to say about the remaining fragments…” gather them up that nothing is lost”. To me what I heard Jesus saying was, “don’t let any of what has been broken be lost or wasted. I think it’s the cry of our hearts. Lord, “don’t let this brokenness be in vain. Use it for your glory”!

Isn’t that the heart of God? To bless and redeem what is broken that He might multiply it for others. So, I ask myself is all brokenness productive. And I have to say no. Not when I look around and see people walking the streets, out of their minds talking to themselves. Or look into the face of those without hope. Not when I hear of young people taking their lives. And know that there are those full of regret, living lives of addiction. Not when I see the lost. We hate to look at them but they’re everywhere.  

Not all that is broken is multiplied. The promise is in… that we offer it to Him. Be it small or large. It’s in the offering. What we give Him. That is why the enemy hates when a person gives their life to Jesus.  

Joseph is a great example of starting his life blessed, being broken, and then be used to multiply and bless others. That only happened because He was able to trust and surrender to the process. That is why Joseph could say, “what the enemy meant for evil, God has turned it for good. (Gen. 50:20)  

Getting back to the multitude. Interesting that they had followed Jesus because of the miracles. They wanted signs, but Jesus wanted commitment.

They didn’t understand that true blessing is not from what we have… but WHO we have. 

God wants our full commitment. 

It is our willingness to be committed that prepares us to be blessed. Broken and multiplied. If we have not fully decided to follow Jesus. We can easily turn back when it gets hard.  

Jesus is always looking for true followers. For those who know that blessing, brokenness, and multiplication happens when our life is offered to Him. He is so good at sifting what He sanctifies. Setting us apart to be useful for His great plan. All we must do is say, YES!  

“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies it produces much fruit”-Jesus 


Pastor Dori 

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